Microcosm Project

Sounds, Music, Violin, Meditation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How was these songs conceived?
A: Cory Kilpatrick composed these soundscapes for meditation music, to play in the background to help get his infant son to sleep, and to soothe the mind and relax after a long day. After he finished the album, he realized the songs needed something extra. He decided violin, a natural instrument set against the computer-generated soundscapes, would be the best fit.

James Gaskin responded to Cory's ad on Craigslist looking for a violinist. Turned out they live in the same neighborhood, so collaboration was easy. James listened multiple times to each song, then added the violin part that seemed to fit.

Q: How were the songs recorded?
A: Cory created the songs in Ableton Live on his computer, and sent James the files. James listened to each song, decided whether to play acoustic or electric violin, and what effects enhanced the music. He recorded them in his home studio and made the final mix.